approaching the new moon and the Leo year of discovery

Tonight roundabout midnight .. bit before in the UK bit after here in France … it’s the start of the new moon cycle.  This one has a nice little gathering of the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter .. we’re at the start of Jupiter’s time in Leo which will last all the way until August 2015.  Leo sun signs Leo moon signs and particularly Leo rising people are most definitely ready for this!

Maybe, as I’m not really endowed with much Leo, even just missed the last chances of being born a Leo by a few hours, the Leos know something I don’t about this cycle.. I’m reading a lot about fire and creativity, courage, expressing yourself and all…  but the new moon, whatever the sign it’s in, is still quiet, dark and represents a journey on the inside.

I’m exhausted, burnt out, others in my close circle are in melt down, complete panic or totally lost mode.  I’ve noticed how much inner shifting has been happening for everyone around me over these last few months with the last month, since the Cancer new moon cycle when there was the same gathering of Sun, Moon and Jupiter still that much collecting of resources has happened .. that in the deep waters of the other planets in water signs we have moved into realms of existence and self-awareness as never before ..

Huge transformations are happening and the results can’t all be seen right away.  In fact, we’re in the summer time of the fruits that were planted already and will be next up for harvest. Our newest and deepest of discoveries have arrived at a time when the ground’s too hard-baked to plant and water these particular seeds, and so we’re holding them somewhere, wondering where to store them safely until their time comes and in the meantime making the most of what we have in full bloom in front of our eyes.

This new moon is like a scout being readied to go out and search for new ground.  When the moon appears from under the sun’s shadow it begins it’s journey round our own little zodiacal mandala, feeding back information to the sun and the other planets about how the land lies.  It does this every month of course but this year we are talking Jupiter growth and expansion energy for the Leo part of our world.  If we have planets in Leo they need to know what’s coming.  Leo is mighty creative but it’s also a fixed sign.  Fixed signs are there to hold the steady path, they represent the aspect of being someone who appears as distinct and separate in this universe and needs to hold firm to their own master plan……….