Sacred stories and Archetypes

I love Sacred stories.

For my 13th birthday I asked my mum to take me to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the cinema.  Later when I came to France and spent hours alone and wondering what the future would hold, I heard song on the radio that came from the newly created musical version of Les Dix Commandments.  Not only did it help me learning French, but on a much deeper level it took me from what on the surface was looking a lot to me like relationship breakdown and failure leading to depression – and reconnected me to my underlying reason for having embarked on a massive inner search in the first place.

In my ‘Astral Plane’ days I read a lot of Caroline Myss books and listened to her conferences. I remember when I first read Sacred Contracts, it blew my mind. I read it over and over again and spent many months absorbing and delighting in the discovery of these archetypal patterns as ways to discover the who, what, how and why of this life.

And so I discovered how the archetype story was playing out in my world as well. To say that it was liberating is probably an understatement!

According to Caroline Myss there are 12 main players in our archetypal wheel. Even if we can get insights from them from the first moment we encounter them, the process of discovering, uncovering and then really working with them can take years.  Partly because there is a main cast of central archetype players and they are not always immediately obvious. Partly because certain themes with archetypal energy will come to the fore during different times in our lives and then disappear into the background.

Caroline Myss talks a lot about the four survival archetypes that we all have – the child, the victim, the prostitute and the saboteur. These just by themselves are mind-blowingly useful to know about! Everyone has these four, then there are eight others, the special personal allies that are with us in this life.

Archetypes and Astrology

When the archetypal wisdom is combined with the twelve house system that reflects the twelve houses of the birth chart there’s an even more powerful dimension to the play of these archetypal energies.  The sacred contract of the Prostitute for example,  is not to sell out. Already useful to know, and when combined with a specific life arena it comes even more into focus, showing not just that we can, will and do sell out but the most likely situations that will cause us to do just that. We can also see where to find the key to bring the gifts of this messenger to empower us, in the area of personal identity we will make very different sell out choices than if it shows up in the area of personal resources.

I took it just a little bit further and matched it with my birth chart to combine not just house influences but to see which of my planets could be read with the archetypal wisdom added in for extra dimension.  It really helps to liberate the restrictions I put on my ‘version’ of myself.

Over time these four kept on coming back to me as powerful patterns, or particular aspects of certain archetypes that I could rely on when I felt something changing ..