Jupiter and the joy of the changing elements

Jupiter and the joy of the changing elements

Well it’s the last day of Jupiter in Cancer today.

Yesterday my little son was tapping out tunes on the tablet keyboard…  and played a few renditions of  ‘Ode to Joy’ which he knows by the name of the composer but not the message of the music! And he knows nothing about planet movements and astrological cycles either. It’s always wonderful to see how spontaneously this Jupiter energy arises.

So, tomorrow at just after 12.30pm (here ..11.31am UK) the joy bringer comes to the sign of Leo!  No doubt all our individual and collective planets in Leo will rise in glory to Jupiter’s expansive and enthusiastic energy.

The water signs were nicely charged in a grand trine though (technical term for classic shaped harmonious triangle connection between planets) over the past year with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

PL in the river


Felt to me like a beautifully set dance floor that just invited the inner dancing queen to put on her very best dancing shoes and get moving ….. but it turned out to be much more of an inner journey that I’d counted on.

True to Cancer style, I’ve been at home most of the year.  Last year when Jupiter was in Gemini I was up and down to Lausanne almost every month, in and out of Geneva and Toulouse airports and working as a proofreader. That all calmed completed as of last August and I’ve almost been climbing the walls at being in the same place, working from my little room at home virtually all year!! It wasn’t planned that way at all .. just the natural rhythm of the universe I guess…  This year already I’ve had a request to go and ‘play’ with the kids at our primary school under the umbrella of teaching them English so for the first time in a long time (12 years … funnily enough) I’ll be employed by someone other than myself and I’ll need to be creative about it.  There’s also a chance I’ll be bringing teenagers to London on Language trips as a part of a new travel – language – teaching – learning entrepreneurial incentive!

We had a family gathering that got miraculously organised during the month of Jupiter in Cancer and we met up for a reunion which saw my own three children in the same room for the first time ever and the first time that all of us had been together since my daughter’s wedding in 2003, before the arrival of all the extra little people… so it was very magical. And even the new baby who, at the time had just had her first photo (12 week scan style) taken ended up to be a Cancer moon baby when she arrived in May.  She  also reincarnated the christian name of our mum Rita who died 20 years ago this month.  Already we have one little girl, Lilly (Ann) who carries her middle name Lillian, and this little one has brought the rest.  We have a lot of Cancer influences in our family with our generations all completely mixed up in ages.  The eldest of the ‘grandchildren’ , my daughter, is 34 this week and the littlest one is just a couple of months old, so huge age gap! but I do think that’s this part of the family circle finally completed.