Inner strength ~ gift of a new moon gathering

Inner strength ~ gift of a new moon gathering

Even if it’s a wonderful fiery Leo moon with the power of the Sun in its own sign of Leo and the extra blessings of Jupiter who’s also just arrived there … there’s a lot of strength to be had in staying still during these next two days .. Just as someone sitting in the eye of a cyclone is not affected by the flurry going on around them, keeping the heart and mind calm and focused will help to bring the insights needed for the days to come, as a lot of new growth is on the way.

All the different spiritual traditions have their own visualisations and meditations but in the end they all come down to the universal light that brings us all to the same wish for happiness, kindness, compassion and love.

On a personal level, it’s all about how we bring our creative energy into the world, coming from a place where the inner fire is strong and well fed, which means maybe taking time now to get the symbolic wood in the basket so we have a steady supply of resources to fuel the flames.

I don’t have any personal planets in Leo so I picked a Goddess from my set of Divine helpers and this is who showed up ..

The Nile River Goddess whose message is Strength, Triumph, Success. The nourishing waters fed all life in its continuing cycle of generation and regeneration. And true to the way to tune-in to a new moon dark time as we have now, there’s time to look at where we’ve been, what we have gained, lost, found and experienced along the way.

As my mum always reminded us, it’s a time to Count your Blessings and give thanks. Offer your dedication prayer and release all that’s gone before and give yourself new ground for what is coming.
The image of this sacred feminine form is a woman with her arms open to the heavens and ready to bring the divine forces down into her that she may be in communion with her heart at all times.

May the inner lights of this celestial gathering bring joy, courage and divine love to all of us.