after the Taurus full moon

after the Taurus full moon

Wow, what an amazing journey this last two weeks has been … since the Scorpio new moon.  I guess it’s the Scorpionic power transformation time that we’re in that makes it feel like whole lifetimes have passed by in the space of these last 14 days!  I’m exhausted. Not so much physically, although I do spent quite a bit of time sitting around with a tired body.  But it’s a deeper exhaustion than that, and I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it.

For me it started with a dark moon in my 12th house, as it will have done for other fellow Scorpio ascendants, and ended up with the full light, fully exalted, beaming Goddess, full moon in my house of everyday activities, work, service, health and of course, karma.

For weeks I’ve felt like I’m carrying waaaaay too much around with me, an image of haystacks on my shoulders is lodged behind my eyes and I can almost see the ‘final straw’ that’s going to bring the whole lot crashing down. I’m just wondering if it will all fall aside or whether the (probably much-needed)  full on breakthrough will happen when the combined weight pushes me down through my hidden trap door and into my ‘wonderland’.  I need to tap back into the magic and wonder, that’s for sure …..

I went to England in the school holidays, 8 whole days this time. It’s a while since we had some extra time to do a bit of the tourists visiting the big smoke.  One day we took the number 12 bus all the way into Regent Street and spent a few hours in Hamleys Toy Shop, we met up with a friend who was also on a flying visit to London and had coffee together in Soho, then we headed on down to Theatre Land to meet up with my brother.  Just to see the street lights and the buzz of City life at ‘going home’ time was fabulous.  I think some deep down longing to be part of a more dynamic and spontaneous way of living was re-awakened after having taken so much time away.

Not so many years ago I noticed how just being in London, however much I loved it, stimulated an almost uncontrollable urge .. that I needed to have things, clothes, books, beautiful things for my home, whatever really… I felt drawn in by the material world and even if I could see how my mind was working I couldn’t stop the high-speed train of wanting things that I knew I didn’t need.

This time it was different…………….