The Shifting Ground

The Shifting Ground

Do you ever find that the ground shifts while you’re away and you can’t ever come back to where you were before you left???

I spent these last school holidays away, staying close to the Alps, Hautes-Alpes de Provence, at my late father-in-law’s home.  He died recently and this was the first chance we’d had to go there to organise putting the property up for sale and cleaning up the grounds a little bit.

So now, I’m back home, well back in my own house and back where I live, but something has definitely changed. The place in my mind where this new experience didn’t yet exist has gone now and I’m working from a different ground.

I’m asking myself if what I experienced there was a really big clue, an opening about a new project to take on, there?

I’m checking to see if it was a great introduction to something that I want to develop but couldn’t have found the inspiration where I was?
And, of course I’m also wondering, was it something that showed me that there is always going to be something new, a new idea or ground that will always tempt me away from where I am?

Some very beautiful friends, who know me well, took the time to give me their thoughts and feelings about what they saw …

One said that she felt that maybe I didn’t really appreciate how much what I am already doing is helping so much. That I give what I give, but can’t possibly be aware of the results and the way it deeply benefits the life of the person I’m working with. And that can lead to a sense of hollowness which leads the heart and soul to start looking for something which maybe more useful ‘out there’..

One noticed that there was a clear gaping hole between the wide open inspired richness that seemed possible there, which I was comparing to a poorer and lesser quality of being than I experience when I’m in my home village. She suggested I look at my deeper motivation. Heartfelt advice.

By coincidence ?! Nicola posted a question about ‘why’ you do what you do, I think in the vein of helping us to identify a quality that we had not yet named and something that we could use to help visitors to our sites feel like they’d hit on the right place for them. It sent me off sideways as the first thought that came to my mind was that the reason why I do what I do is that ‘it’s the best thing I can do because I can’t do what I really want to do!’  A clear saboteur thought, as that is so not true, but an archetype that throws a spanner in the works is always a great way to get some perspective on where we are at any given moment..!

It’s often what we use to help our clients and friends and those who consult us that is the last thing we’ll see for our own journey. I had looked at the local space lines of my chart between Labastide and Sisteron and of course was bowled over by the fact that my Venus line went almost through the town itself. ‘A sign, it must be the sign, I will be sooo in tune with my life plan if I go there’. That was the kind of chatting going on.

But when I’m working with people on their local space charts we have to go further and deeper than that. We have to check out what surrounds the awakening that is being revealed, question if it’s a passing phase that will end up not really bringing anything new, or is it a call from the depths to embrace a real talent or quality.
SO I tried taking myself on as a client. Tried to look closer into what the experience might have otherwise been for, what did I not really want to see or what I might have completely missed.

Of course I can never do just exactly what I found there because it was the energy and the potential of that particular place that presented itself. And even if I could develop some of the ideas that I found there in some other way, what would never really be repeated is the uniqueness of what’s energetically there. It reminded me of trips abroad, when I was on a pilgrimage without knowing what that really was that I was doing. New images and feelings and experiences arise and we have some kind of awakening that we bring with us inside us from then on, wherever we go. No matter how I hard I try I just don’t naturally see the appearances of deities and mandalas that appear in my mind that I did in certain places, Israel, Nepal, anywhere where the Lama is teaching; for sure Sacred Places are Sacred places for a reason, they’re not meant to be the same as our ordinary life.

PL in the riverThis, though, was a place where I had been invited to be. When my father-in-law visited in November last year, for the first time he spoke about the ‘kids’ doing the visiting, as if he finally realised that he’d wanted always to be the visitor and not the visited! He said he’d recently read somewhere that it was good for the parent to visit one time and then three months later the kids to pay the return visit. “Oh so it’s us who can finally come to your place in 3 months’ time then?”  He smiled, and you know when you can feel it,  I just knew we’d be there.  I didn’t know that he wouldn’t.  It really feels like a Sacred place.

Now I think about it, my mum’s words of wisdom were along a similar theme. She always said that it takes the universe, guardian angels, whoever is in control, three months to set up the changes, so that everyone in the chain as it were, can hear the message and to get themselves moving on the inside.

I remembered that I’d pulled the ‘Courage’ Buddha card for the theme of the new wooden horse year, along with Surrender, amongst others.

This story is clearly not finished, not by a long shot. I’m going to keep going and see where it leads.