Tapping into wisdom

Tapping into wisdom

When I had just finished my astrology studies and was being asked to give readings to people, I was terrified.  I couldn’t work out at all how I would be capable.  I was in awe of my teacher and her obvious massive bank of knowledge and experience. I didn’t think I’d ever know enough. I was about 28 and wondering who on earth would trust such a life novice.

Then, fortunately I met a lovely lady called Maureen who I went to see for some iridology.  Turned out she’d also studied astrology as well but her main passion was health – she was a nurse turned iridologist and an amazing one at that.  My self-esteem was low at the time and she was helping me get my body back to strength and my confidence back up.

I confided in her that I was scared about the prospect of talking to people about their birth charts .. not that I was expecting to have to do any consultations for some time to come, but was already worrying myself about doing them in the future!

She so wisely just turned to me and told me not to forget that wasn’t ‘me’ who needed to know, that there was always wisdom there and if I just followed it, all would turn out fine.  That one sentence changed the way I felt about astrology as a life path. It created a huge space in my mind at the time and it was like a wellspring of courage each time I remembered her words when I began to forget where all this planetary knowledge came from. I’m almost 100% sure she was born under the sign of Aquarius and strangely enough, as we come up to this big super moon in Aquarius tomorrow evening, her words are coming back to my mind.

Maternity pictureIf I can share anything of any use tonight I would say that in the full light of this big moon, take the time to look inside. See where your guidance comes from and how it talks to you.  Looking outside is a tricky trick of the ego that will only get you caught up in the comparison game.

All you need is there somewhere, it’s just a question of hearing.

Trust it and let it lead you your way.