Damsel big girl knickers on

Damsel big girl knickers on

Yesterday I had a virtual cuppa with my mentor Nicola .. it’s was more a relaxed friend thing but as these things tend to go, it turned out to be one of the best calls!  Maybe because we were just chatting and I didn’t take myself too seriously we had a real chance to exchange all the stuff that had been getting us down, I owned up to all my frustrations and weaknesses. No-one was trying to fix anything .. and because just her natural way of being is so supportive,  whatever comes up for me in a call with Nicola turns out to be subtle but very powerful.   I dipped into the loneliness and instead of trying to run from it I allowed myself to feel it and even ended up with a middle of the night YouTube play of that Al Green classic ‘So tired of being alone’.

More and more I see that in these moments the magic really happens.

One of my classic archetypal patterns that shows up when I need to see a shadow side is the damsel in distress. Usually it’s a quiet kind of recognition of where I lost the plot, but today I felt her shouting out … “go and get your big girl biker knickers on”. Now I remember the times when I had the courage to things differently!!

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I’m also putting it down to the Mars in Scorpio effect .. this Saturn in Scorpio has been tough for quite some time and especially the generation of Neptune in Scorpio people, like my good self, need a new adventure to entice the escape artist pattern to manifest as something a bit more like fun.


*photo : Me cycling in Israel .. and yes I do have a big heavy back pack on!!