my new workshop

my new workshop

What brought you here I wonder?  Maybe like me you have some strong Virgo planet in your chart and Jupiter just woke you up and sent you this way to get some real insight into where you are right now!

Or maybe you’re just ending up this long Saturn in Scorpio journey which seems to have been going on forever and just when you thought it was over there was this last couple of months of final twisting of your universe.

All that seems dark or light, or opening up or closing down, whatever is confusing you about what you’re experiencing in your outside world, makes utter and complete sense when we read it from the planetary perspective.

For my part, I just moved into my very own new little Astrology Studio in town. All of a sudden I have a whole lot of new space, in my actual working world and on the road that lies before me. My long-held dreams of creating a floor mandala for experiencing the birth chart directly are going to happen now. So are the Urban day retreats of working with your own birth chart and those of partners family or businesses together to get real deep insights and directions for making the life you need.

I’ll be changing the way I offer consultations as well – new menu on its way so watch this space!

And it’s the start of mini workshops or ‘stages’ as they’re called here in France, for learning Astrology, Discovery Days, Initiations into the world of planet maps, One Day Intensives, Mastermind groups for life and for work and Creating a Moon Planner Diary that brings your inner desires into harmony with your own evolutionary cycles, harnessing the power of the natural moon phases.


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So, if that gate of change is starting to open for you, come along and find out more.