It’s that time again

It’s that time again

It’s coming up to the full moon. The Scorpio full moon, on Monday.  Amongst other transformations, I’ve had the ‘new website coming’ on my old home page for months, assuming it wouldn’t take long to rebuild but somehow never quite worked out how I wanted things to be.

Even as an astrologer there’s no immunity against the Saturn retrograde influence. I sometimes try, hoping that I can kind of outsmart it because I know it’s there. But no, it’s not like that!  Funnily enough, I have always tried to hide, work quietly and behind the scenes and then reappear when I’m ready.  What I’m learning in this transit is that it’s taking not just too long that way but it’s not even happening at all. Unless I brave it out and work out front, nothing is going to evolve and nothing new is going to be created.   Now it’s become painfully obvious that I have to be courageous enough to stand out as who I am and offer what I offer as an astrology yogini in its raw and unpolished form!  I’m aware that I need to be prepared for some kind of ongoing evolution though..


But that’s it really, life, an ongoing thing.  I have some fixed sign influences which help me to keep the inner line of where I’m going, but also my kind of mutable, adaptable planets like to join in with the cyclic nature of things and be ready to fit with what’s appearing both on an  inner and outer level.

There’s a definite difference between constant change borne out of lack of confidence or restlessness and being able to shift course when needed.  It’s quite an interesting challenge to know the difference!!