Designer, Storyteller, Bag Lady, Addict.

Here’s just a tiny insight to some of the archetypal patterns that show up most often for me, mostly for work although they under pin how our view of the world comes into being as well as the keys to go beyond the stuck patterns we fall into when the divine message gets to caught up in our own personal agenda…

The Designer

I almost couldn’t see this for looking.  I have always been drawn to artistic types of people. I worked as ‘Assistant to the Manager’ in a Theatre and set up and ran a small theatre company with my then actor husband.  I created and managed websites for Artists and artisans, including my current Artist/Painter/Sculptor partner, so I never saw an artistic element in myself at all.

One of my favourite books is ‘A Vein Of Gold’ by Julia Cameron. It was given to me as a present by a friend and I for a long time I never even opened it. It was sub-titled ‘the sequel to the Artist’s Way’ geared towards writers and artists, a category that I didn’t identify with for at all for myself.

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The Storyteller 

I think this is mostly what makes me an astrologer, or the reason for being an astrologer.  So much wisdom is transmitted through story, it is universal, the larger themes work for everyone, we all have a fairy story or a myth that we identify with.  I just love reading people’s stories.  My favourites have been Melanie Rheinhart (Mythical Astrologer) Clarrissa Pinkola-Estes, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Caroline Myss.  For me getting this perspective form the birth-chart enriches our lives and gives us an idea of where our life story is going.

Archetypal patterns are said to have there for as long as we can remember.  When we were small whenever my mum didn’t believe my version of event she would always say “ooo storyteller”!  So I guess that one made itself heard from the very beginning.

The Bag Lady

I have many many handbags and bags from special events, cotton bags, my storage boxes are bags, I took sewing classes so I could learn to make bags!  In my dreams I run a café that sells bags. I can see the window display. It’s my fantasy world shop that causes no strain on my pocket!

I love bags.  When I was signing up for a big event I was volunteered at last year I remember saying exactly that as my motivation for choosing which team I wanted to join.  I love bags!

I really do have a bag lady planet thing in my chart, so it doesn’t surprise me much that it shows up somewhere in my outer world.  She’s a homeless person, a wanderer, a destitute. In the archetype world I see her as representing the release of expectations and of the ego, of trust in the divine and its paradoxes. She’s no-ones fool.  I love the courage of a woman who wanders the street with her entire universe in a shopping trolley. For me she’s an embodiment of the essence of the yogini, now I come to think of it!

 The Addict

Another archetype I didn’t see because my journey was never one of having people with addictions around me nor being even very interested in exploring these worlds much myself. I actually think I was an anti-addict, for whatever reason and that’s how I discovered the pattern and the hidden side of both its shadow and its wisdom…