A bit about marbles and Saturn and courage

I woke this morning to a discussion going on in the living room about a marble. Apparently one little lad at school really wants, but want, wants, wants, the one my son won the other day .. so much so that if he doesn’t get it then he’s going to get physical. Playground aggression, 8-year-old style.

So what were the options:  So far these were on the table…  next to the tiny round ball of glass.

1. Takes the marble to school, but gently declines the offer to exchange, and risks a punch in the face.

2 and 3. Doesn’t take the marble to school, either  ‘forgot’ it, or because and he can use these very words… ‘papa says he’s not up for his son being menaced’ so he had to leave it at home.

4. Takes it to school and exchanges it .. knowing it will make his ‘friend’ happy, but worried that thinking his threats won the day, the situation will just comes round again.

Then something came to my mind. I remembered reading about a Lama who was asked to give advice about something similar, and advice from a Lama rarely follows logic and reasoning!  I recalled the story ..the advice, in short ..was for the man asking the question to go and apologise to his angry and aggressive neighbour! “’Tell him you’re sorry for having upset him, and take him a present!”

Option 5. Maybe just give him the marble? Don’t say anything, little kids wouldn’t get the point of the apology and the karmic explanation. Or would they?

Deep breath, a moment’s reflection .. ah of course …the Scorpio moon, and even more-so, a Scorpio moon heading towards Saturn. Ouch! And guess what.. both boys are Scorpios! Power struggle.. or chance to get some insight into going beyond fear.

Well he’s gone to school with the marble, so options 2 and 3 are out. As he went out the door he was swinging between option 5 and option 4.  Bless him. We’ll see what he chose later.

This is SO NOT about marbles!